Old Crap Rehab No.1 - "Mom" tattooed mug

my idea: I had a customer who wanted a "Mom" tattooed heart mug. Rather than buying new, I always try to repurpose things. So how many of us have seen a ga-zillion perfectly happy and functional ceramics in thrift stores with something stupid on them that makes people get rid of an otherwise perfectly good liquid receptacle? I figured I would apply my tattoo skills to the mug and treat it like a tattoo cover-up, by tracing the original design and drawing a design over that one (yep, that's how we do it. Not rocket science)
my first step:
Tracing the design on the original mug (from World Market, apparently. I bought it for like  $0.30 USD). Frankly, if my mug was instructing me to drink only tea, I might have gotten rid of it too. Demanding ceramics are a drag.

next: I drew on the design with a Pebeo Ceramic Paint marker which was a bitch.

then I: filled in the design with the Pebeo Ceramic Paint, which was more like 8 
bitches in a bitch boat. I had to glop is on and use about 4 coats to get even close to the opacity I needed. Still, I think it looked pretty neat.

after that was over: I went to bed, and let the paint set up overnight, baking it the next evening. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the result



holy vintage train case batman!!

I got featured in my first Etsy treasury!!! (that I know of!!!)

oh joy of joys, somebody thought I was special enough to feature me in their treasury
thanks EasyOnTheEyes!! this is awesome!

there are some radical listings in the treasury with me, some of this stuff I've never even seen before, like a bakelite purse or a lucite evening bag (insane) this killer hand carved box purse , I hearted them all just because they're so bitchin. 

good thing I just bought like 4 more train cases to paint! here we go!


overwhelming sense of accomplishment

So on Monday TFA had a moving sale aaaaaaaaand maybe I spent some money. I go some wicked deals and I'm happy with my purchases, especially THAT little beauty. 6 chairs, 2 leafs (which live in the basement), 4 of the chairs are in perfect condition & I'm going to re-cover the other 2. 
2 hours of rasping with #000 steel wool and now I've got a beautiful mint green chrome kitchen
 table! Yay for me!!!

here's a close-up with my kangaroo & 70s coffee decanter that have a brand new home.





new items for my new Etsy shop!!

all of these items are available @
keep checking back for more repurposed art!


Scot decided to clean his hockey gear...

recipe for hockey soup:
1. play hockey w/your buddies for several years without ever washing your gear
2. become the notorious "brown jersey" guy, even score a goal on another player who is grossed out by your smell.
3. finally get sick of it one day & fill the tub with clean water. Add detergent.
4. let pungent hockey equipment marinate.
5. stir the water with your hockey stick while making terrible, regretful noises that sound like you're chopping up a body.
6. leave OUTSIDE to dry...

...Mmmmm.... yummy...

pictures do no justice to the smell.

et voila! hockey gear diarrhea soup. Let me add my roller derby pads are only marginally better, when we stored both bags in the same closet it smelled like we were waging biological warfare.


here's a great thing from a nice lady:

the lovely lady behind supplyriot, one of my top secret Etsy supply mavens, has started a blog featuring the cool things her customers create with her supplies. She was kind enough to profile my shop in her blog: I *heart* my customer. isn't that nice? I sure think so.
Here were the nice things she had to say!


"Marie Antionette Ring" by Lauren B. All rights reserved.

I don't remember the details of most transactions (thankfully most of them go off without a hitch!), but I remember Lauren's order. She had just moved, so I sent her package to the new address and it was returned "address not found." Weirdness. So I confirmed the address with her, (it was the right one!) and sent it again. This time it made it there, no problem. Lauren was a complete doll through the whole thing. Whew!

During that time I checked out her shop and found....total awesomeness! After informally interviewing her, I found out that she is a tattoo artist by day and a seriously busy and creative lady. Besides her day job (how rad that tattooing is her "day job"?), she is starting a podcast with her boyfriend who is in a band (The Livers), and she is "Ana Warpath" when she plays roller derby with the Arch Rival Roller Girls of St. Louis. Here is what she has to say about her crafty side:

"So, in the spare time I don't have I paint, illustrate, sew, & craft. I'm obsessed with all things vintage so when I found out I could make my own resin jewelry it changed my world & I've been experimenting in my lab since February. I've also used resin in projects for sealing surfaces, making 45rpm record bowls [they can even hold liquid!]. I've been playing around with making my own molds as well as trying to make bigger pieces (coming soon: Disco Jesus & Disco Buddha!).
I also paint tattoo designs on housewares & accessories (which is fun because the only client I have to answer to is me). I like the idea of having an affordable one-of-a-kind work of art that isn't going to rot in storage but gets used all the time. I also came up with the "your face here" photo frames, as far as I know I invented this particular kind anyway because I've never seen them anywhere before. I like the tattoo themes I use because the possibilities are endless.
I try to work with as many recycled items as I can because conservation (and being a very, very poor art student) was how I got serious about crafting in the first place. Problem solving is always a big part of the fun of a finished product.
Lately, I've been making puppets, sock and otherwise. I plan to get back into painting & resin soon."